Hayrides and Hysterectomy

I don’t recommend this combination.  Because I’ve been feeling so normal energy-wise, today we decided to take our son to a local farm for their peach festival.  My husband did most of the work – going in the bouncy house, climbing up and down into tractors and slides, carrying our son when he didn’t feel like walking (which is practically always).  But I did go on the hayride – probably about four times – a bumpy road sitting on a very low and unstable bail of hay.  I also carried some heavy bags of vegetables bought at the farm stand along with our diaper bag and a pie.

I did feel like I had overdone it – the pressure I’ve described before had definitely increased.  But about an hour after we got home, I began feeling stabbing pains in my abdomen.  And I’ve had them now for several hours.  I did a bit of research on torn vaginal cuffs, and given the description of that (severe pain, bleeding, popping noises as stitches come loose), that is not the problem, thank god.  I think I probably just did a bit too much and there’s now some strain on the stitches or maybe some swelling.

Regardless, I’ve been trying to rest this afternoon.  My son has been fighting a cold the last couple of days, which has made him cranky and hard to deal with.  I feel terrible listening to my husband try to take care of him while I just lay here in bed watching a remake of the Karate Kid.  But, I think we’ll all feel worse if I end up back in the hospital because I haven’t rested at all like I’m supposed to.

Tomorrow morning I will walk to my therapist’s office – it’s less than a mile walk there and back.  I did want to stop and get some groceries on the way home, but I’ll just get a light bag of necessities for dinners the next few nights.  The rest of this week, I’m going to try to rest as much as possible.


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