In A World

In a world where too many women get breast cancer… In a world where women are forced to make hard decisions…. In a world where we choose between knowledge and…. In a world that is obsessed with boobs…. Ah, I might be on to something with that one. When my students write papers that begin with […]

We Must Be the Watchdogs

The media sucks so often, and they suck the most when they dish out information that is misleading and can potentially kill people. And by media, I am pretty much referring to anyone these days who is writing about breast cancer risk and does not mention the population of those of us with BRCA mutations. […]

FORCE Responds to Melissa Etheridge in AARP Magazine

Here is FORCE’s response to the recent article in AARP magazine in which Melissa Etheridge makes some completely ridiculous statements about BRCA testing and “turning on and off” BRCA mutations: Dear AARP Magazine Editors, This letter is in response to your article on “Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge Beat Cancer and Heartbreak” in the October/November […]