Blood work

This morning I’m at Quest Diagnostics getting my three-month blood work for my rheumatologist – my blood needs to be checked in order to make sure the meds I take aren’t damaging my liver.

I also spent a great deal of time on the phone this morning. I have an appt this afternoon with a second plastic surgeon – Dr De La Cruz. I have an appt with a third plastic surgeon on Tuesday – Dr Gimbel. So I’m trying to get an appt with Dr Gimbel today so that when I see the breast surgeon, Dr Ahrendt tomorrow, I can tell her what’s going on with the reconstruction.

Their office was supposed to open at 8am so I started calling then. I got the out-of-office voicemail until 8:20 (she’s drawing my blood as I write this – how’s that for live blogging?). Anyway, I spoke to central scheduling, she said Gimbel has no appts, so she’d forward my message to the office and they should call me directly. I’d really like to go to the gym but I’m worried they’ll call while I’m in the pool and I’ll miss my chance.


Here’s some pics from various needles that have been poked into me over the last few days. The arm is nothing. The hand hurts like hell.

Left hand - two busted veins

Left hand – two busted veins

Left arm - not so bad

Left arm – not so bad

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