Mouth Cancer?

I haven’t written in a while. There’s reasons for that and I’ll explain them in a future post. For now, I just had to record what happened yesterday while I was at the dentist for my teeth cleaning. She asked if I wanted to be tested for mouth cancer. I looked at her skeptically. Mouth […]

Stage 2 Begins

Today has not started off that well. Big fight with the hubs. No coffee, no food, no antidepressants- that’s not helping. Been teary since I woke up, worrying about what happens to my kid if I don’t come home from this surgery. Sure, I’m probably being dramatic. I don’t know how many people die while […]

What Does My Gut Know?

Last year on this day, I was at Magee Women’s Hospital getting my yearly mammogram.  I wasn’t nervous – I’d done this many many times and, because at the time I had just turned 36 years old, I knew I’d be fine.  Even though I am BRCA2+, I didn’t expect to even think about cancer […]

Preventive Guidelines Discriminate Against Cancer Survivors

Originally posted on Thoughts from FORCE:
FORCE has created a petition to ask the United States Preventive Services Task Force to change their guidelines to include cancer survivors. You can read more about the issue and the petition below.   The United States Preventive Services Task Force (US The panel wields considerable power over…