No Go

Really, sex after hysterectomy?  Not as easy as it sounds.  (does it sound easy?)

It was not comfortable, and although it might have been had I given it more than a two minute chance, I got anxious.  Basically, I chickened out.

Do you care about my sex life?  Probably not.  But I just googled “intercourse after hysterectomy” and nowhere did I find a normal person reporting from her bed less than a hour after her husband went back downstairs to resume watching ESPN.  (yes, of course he was understanding, but eventually I did suggest he just go back to his previous activities).

Another thing I noticed is that if you do research on sex after hysterectomy, everyone is writing about sex drive.  That was not the problem.  I wanted to do it.  But it was physically uncomfortable – I felt pressure inside and some kind of scraping.  And I was nervous about something going in there when nothing has been in there for three months!  And what was in there three months ago was a whole lot of knives and tools that made a whole lot of cuts and caused all sorts of other damage.

So I’m thinking this is a bit mental and a bit physical.  Regardless, it is probably going to take a bit of time to ease back into it.  I did post a query to hystersisters to see how others have managed this, and I plan to email my PCP, Dr. Stern, as well (although Dr Sukumvanich performed the surgery, I don’t suspect he will have anything all that useful to contribute since, as he admitted, as long as there’s no cancer, that’s all he cares about).


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