Sex Tonight? (graphic pic – nonsexual!)

My husband is going to want to have sex tonight.  Why?  Because today marks three months from my hysterectomy/BSO and the doctor says we can now.  To tell you the truth, I thought I’d be really anxious about this moment, but I’m not.  I’m looking forward to it!  And this is odd.  I take a lot of anti-depressive medication, so my sex drive is erratic (and by erratic, I mean nil 95% of the time).  I’ve been working with my shrink to fix this by changing medication, but a secondary problem is that sex has been painful for me since I had our baby more than two years ago.  No gynecologist has been able to determine a reason for this, but I’m hoping that now that everything has been “reconstructed” down there, that maybe the pain will be gone as well.  Of course, that reconstruction could bring along its own discomfort, but I’m trying to think positively here.

I’m also curious to see what sorts of changes might come about from the changes in my hormones While many women report the loss of sexual enjoyment, some women report that their enjoyment is better than ever.  I’m hoping to be in that latter group!

An update on the patches I’ve been trying.  Last time I wrote, I mentioned that Dr Balk suggested I change to a once-weekly patch, and that might help with my headaches.  The once-weekly was a generic Climara patch and it did not go so well.  While my headaches did go away, they were replaced by the horrible skin effects of the patch.  It was so itchy, burning, uncomfortable, and it came off a few times in the shower.  Here’s the result:

Rash from generic Climara Patch

Rash from generic Climara Patch

This is the result of two different placements of the patch.  You can see the top part is mostly healed – rough dried out skin.  The bottom part is actually bleeding.  The black marks are from the sticky stuff.  And, the other marks are various scars from the hysterectomy.  Yep, as I’ve said before, my belly is a mess.  So I decided to go back to the Vivelle Dot.  I’ve been back on it now for two weeks and the headaches seem to be gone.  It’s really likely that those were environmental and just had to do with the weather changing.  I think I’ll stick with the Vivelle for now.

Speaking of mess, I have scheduled my third, and hopefully last, surgery for December 20.  Dr Gimbel will fix any of the mess left over from the original breast reconstruction – some indentations, some extra skin, construct nipples, and hopefully he’ll be able to do a little fixing of my oddly shaped and uncomfortable belly.



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