Thank You, Senator


I took this picture in support of a grassroots effort to convince congress to put more money into research on breast cancer prevention.  Learn more about this cause and how you can participate at

The note is handwritten on stationary I bought before I had my mastectomy.  I knew many of our family and friends would be cooking and caring for us, and I wanted to have notes made that I could easily send out without writing too much, in case I just wasn’t able to or didn’t have the energy.

The imprint says, “Thank you for supporting our family.  It means so much to us.  Love, Bryna, David, and Theo.”

The handwritten note says,

Dear Senator,

I purchased these thank you notes to send to people who donated to breast cancer research after I had my mastectomy in January.  I am sending one to you in advance for doing anything you can to support research into breast cancer prevention.  Most of my family is positive for the BRCA gene, which puts us all at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  So far, too many members of my family have died from this disease.  Because my husband and I are both positive for the gene, our two year old son is at risk too.  I’m asking you to support research into breast cancer prevention so that our little boy never has to worry about this disease affecting him.

It was all I could do not to let my tears smudge the writing.  That probably would have been a bit much….


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