So I’m definitely moody.  I’m taking a little bit of this out on my mom.  I’m taking a lot of it out on my husband.  I guess I sort of feel like I should get a pass for a little while – like, I should get to act however I want and he should just take it for a few weeks until I get this figured out.  Instead I feel like he’s baiting me (I know he’s not, but it feels like he is).  Last week I got so mad at him that I texted him from our bedroom that he should not bother coming into it that night.  He slept on the couch.  This evening, he told me that I said something in a not-nice way, and boy did I lose my mind.  But he is sleeping in the bed.

Yes, he asks how I’m feeling.  Yes, he’s moving around the heavy boxes after I pack for them for our move.  But you’d think he could do something nice for me.  I bought myself a watch, for chrissake.  I ordered my own chocolate-covered strawberries (my aunt sent me money and said to use it for chocolate, because apparently she knows how this goes).  I’m not saying I want gifts.  I don’t even want him to do more than he does already (although I would like it if he perhaps googled “hysterectomy” or “surgical menopause” so that he has some clue about what has happened to me).  But I do want to be left alone.  I don’t want to have arguments.  And right now, he’s going to lose pretty much every one we have because I am irrational, and knowing it still isn’t helping me control it.

I see my shrink on Friday and a gynecologist who specializes in hormones next Wednesday.  Hopefully one of them will have an idea of how to prevent my impending divorce.


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