Mistakes I made Post-Mastectomy

So, now that I’m healing from my hysterectomy, I realize that I made a lot of mistakes after my mastectomy.  First, I sold the medical table that I had bought.  That table was so useful in carting around laptop, tissues, snacks, phone, etc – I could push it all over the house and/or keep it near me in bed.

Second, I threw out all of the abdominal binders I had.  Now that my belly is sore, distended, and painful, I realize that having that pressure would probably help.  They sell these on the hystersister website, but I’m too annoyed with myself that I got rid of my free ones that I can’t bring myself to buy new ones at $40 a piece!

I also got rid of all of my granny panties.  Those were the panties I found that had some tummy compression.  I bet that would feel good too now, especially because my current underwear waistband is rubbing my bellybutton, and there are stitches there.  I did get those at Target though for $6 a pair, so I might be able to just get some more pretty easily.


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