Bubbles everywhere but Out!

I can hear gas bubbles everywhere in my body – up near my shoulder, under my left breast, over in my right kidney area.  The problem is, it’s running amuck inside and not going out!   I haven’t passed gas or even so much as burped in the last two days.  Trying to ‘push’ does absolutely nothing.

I slept pretty well last night, and I do have some discomfort this morning.  I think my best bet though is to stop the pain meds and switch to tylenol in hopes that maybe I’ll have a bowel movement that will release some of the pressure on my belly.  I feel so tight and bloated.  So, this morning I took two different types of laxatives along with some Gas-x, and I’m going to try to drink as much as I can today.  I’m also going to eat a lot of fruit and try to take a short walk.  Other than that, there’s nothing I can really do, I suppose.

Still no hot flashes or sudden mood changes that I’ve noticed.  Just wishing this bowling ball in my belly would dissipate.


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