Pre-op call

A brief update on the CT yesterday – it went fine, and I did not end up in the ER.  I still cannot stand that iodine injection – it feels like lava is coming out of your ears, coming up the back of your throat, and pooling between your legs.  But, it only lasts about a minute, so at least it’s over quickly.

The pre-op nurse called this afternoon.  My laparoscopic total hysterectomy is schedule for Monday at 11:30am.  I need to arrive at the hospital at 9:30am.  This is good – it means I can see my son before he goes to school that morning.  The nurse said I can keep taking all of my meds except for methotrexate (which I stopped two weeks ago) and I should stop taking  melatonin – when I said I was already having enough trouble falling asleep as this surgery gets closer, she said I’d be better off having a glass of wine.  Well, you don’t have to tell me twice!

I get blood work done frequently due to my RA and the medications I take for that; it’s always normal though.  My blood work from Wednesday came back and showed high and low markers in several categories, which I of course Googled and then read about on Wikipedia, as if I need more inaccurate information with which to terrify myself.  Doesn’t seem like anything is too bad, and most of it could have been the result of my binge on Panera chocolate chip cookies only a half hour before the test.  I’m guessing if there was a real problem, the doctor would have called by now, since he is the one who uploaded the blood results to my online chart.

On Sunday I get to do a bowel cleanse – stay tuned for fun details about that.


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