More on pajamas

I’ve written about my quest for pajamas before. My mastectomy was in January, so I needed a few sets of warm, button-down pajamas. After many shopping trips, I finally found some fancy sets on clearance at Macy’s for $7 a pair! Jackpot!

Now I’m on the hunt for pajamas again. This time, I’m looking for short sleeves and cropped pants in thin fabrics. Why? Don’t you have air conditioning? Well, yes. But I’m preparing for my hysterectomy in less than two weeks, and with that comes…(cue ominous music)…the dreaded hot flashes. Some women describe these as just a bit of perspiration. Others say they feel like they’re on fire from the inside and want to tear off their skin.

Well, I’m not taking any chances. I want to be prepared with several pairs of loose fitting, keep-cool pjs. So I’m on the hunt again!


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