Two New Fears

1. What if they actually find cancer when they go in there?

2. What if I gain a whole crapload of weight after this?

Sadly, I don’t know which of these is worrying me more.


One comment

  1. As someone whose been there, my suggestion is that you put worry #1 out of your mind. You have zero control over this and your risk is much lower than mine was (combination of age and BRCA2 vs 1). Easier said than done, I realize but you just have to assume that you are in the 98+% group who have BSO and nothing is found. And, of course, even if you are among the “unlucky” 2% like I was, you are still lucky because the cancer would be detected so much earlier than it would otherwise. I am exactly 3 years out from my Fallopian diagnosis and the oncologists believe that I am past the standard recurrence period. I am a healthy and thriving poster child for BSO.

    The weight gain worry is something you can affect and you are already eating healthier and you’ve done well in the past with diet programs. Again, easier said than done as I certainly know but the alternative worries are SO MUCH bigger,

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