This morning I went for my CA-125 blood work.  I know this test isn’t entirely reliable, but I really would like some confirmation that there is or isn’t something wrong with me right now.  If it shows up normal, then nothing will really be confirmed.  But if it’s off the charts, then it should be a true indication that there’s some type of cancer might be growing.  The results should be back in a few days.



  1. Once again, I hate that you’re having to think about this! However, keep in mind that the CA-125 is not always accurate and one of the problems is its many false positives. So, even if the numbers are troublesome (and my fingers are crossed that they’re not), it could mean little. Big hug to you!

    1. I know. I don’t even understand the point of that test. The ultrasound will be more telling. This is just a way to busy myself before then!

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