Hysterectomy in Action

Well, the wheels are in motion, I suppose, and I’m already feeling completely overwhelmed.  Today I saw my gynecologist.  She did an exam, but didn’t find anything that would be causing my cramps or other symptoms.  She had me schedule an ultrasound and a CA-125 blood test.  She also had me schedule an appointment with a gynecological oncologist who would perform the hysterectomy.  And, she had me schedule an appointment with a medical oncologist who will help me determine what sorts of HRT are available to me.  Because my breast tumors were estrogen positive, it’s possible I won’t be able to take estrogen after the hysterectomy.  My gynecologist flat-out told me that this will be a hard road if I can’t take estrogen – there will be a lot of trial and error in adjusting other sorts of medications that can help with hot flashes, insomnia, and other symptoms of menopause.  We’re both hoping that because I had the mastectomy and there’s such a minute chance of breast cancer recurrence, that I will be able to take estrogen anyway.  Here’s my schedule:

June 20: ultrasound and blood work (to check for possible existing cancer)
July 3: gynecological oncologist (to consult and schedule hysterectomy) – everyone says this guy is the best laparoscopic surgeon!
July 17: medical oncologist (to consult about hormone replacement therapy)

Once I see the gynecological oncologist, I’ll see when he can schedule me for the hysterectomy.  If he says he can do it by the end of July, then I’ll reschedule the Stage 2 breast revision surgery (currently scheduled for July 26) until winter break.  I feel like I have to get this hysterectomy done and over with.  Every little twinge of a cramp makes me feel like I have one foot in the grave.



  1. GOOD LUCK, Bryna. I didn’t have a hysterectomy, but my chemo put me into menopause. Hot flashes and all that. I was in CA at the time, and I’d crank the a.c. I’d see my students put their jackets and sweaters on, and I’d ask the para in the room if it was too cold. She’d say in her cute Armenian accent, “Yes, Ms. Kwiatek, it’s a little chilly in here.” I didn’t go on HRT. I’m guessing the symptoms would be worse with a hysterectomy, but I just wanted to tell you that it is possible to survive it without HRT. HOPING FOR THE BEST for you!!!!!

  2. Hi–I just found your blog–thanks for keeping it! I too am BRCA2+ and found out about a year ago…I had the BSO surgery about 6 months ago and my menopausal symptoms started out pretty bad but at totally controlable now–I’m not on HRT–a good walk each day and bi weekly acupuncture has worked wonders…best of luck to you!

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