Stage 2 Scheduled

Today I met with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Gimbel.  It was my first appointment with him in two months.  At this point, he says, everything is healed and looks the way it’s probably going to look forever (some scars will continue to fade) unless I have more surgery.

My intention in going to see him today was not to schedule surgery.  I had this idea in my head that in December, when I’m off from school, that I could have a few nips/tucks to my breasts during the hysterectomy I plan to schedule for then.  I was determined that I will not have more than one more surgery – I really feel traumatized by the hospital stay from the first surgery.  Dr. Gimbel says that that’s possible, but it could be pretty complicated depending on what I want done to my breasts and how his schedule coordinates with the gynecological surgeon.

According to his assessment, in order to achieve the highest possible aesthetic, I need the following things done: nipple reconstruction, skin tightening below the breasts and minor reshaping, lipo on the sides and under my arms, and fat grafting where he will take some of the fat from my stomach and put it above my breasts below my clavicle where there’s a bit of a hollow from the scraping during the mastectomy.  He says this will also help the major drop-off of my stomach.  This whole shebang will take no more than a couple of hours, will not require drains, will not require full anesthesia – just twighlight – and I won’t have to stay overnight in the hospital.  I’ll be back to work a few days later with no activity restrictions.

This sounds pretty awesome to me.  I was worried about nipple reconstruction – I read so much about those failing and have seen so many pictures of nipples that turn to scabs and then fall off.  But he says that is much more common with implant reconstruction, and that because my breasts are made from living tissue, he doesn’t expect that will happen.  I’m also kind of used to not having nipples, although I do think that I will be more pleased to have them back.

So, I scheduled it.  July 26th.  I won’t have much work to do in August, so it should be a perfect time to have it done and give me some time to heal before classes start again for the fall.  The fat grafting could require two or three more procedures after the first, but they are also short twilight procedures that don’t require hospital stay.

I did also ask him about the numbness on the front of my right thigh – he said that’s common when nerves get severed or tugged on.  And, he felt the bulge along my abdominal scar, which he thinks is fat necrosis.  He says it might shrink, it might not, but nothing needs to be done unless it bothers me.

In other news, we hear our cousin Susie is recovering well from her DIEP procedure on Monday.  She was on Facebook yesterday, so that’s a huge step right there!


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