Inspiring Blog Award


I am thrilled to accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from a fellow blogger!

Mogatos, who writes Saying NOPE to Breast Cancer, nominated me for this award – what a doll!  She has been documenting her journey and her blog is a great resource particularly if you are interested in learning more about physical fitness and whole foods eating after PBM.

According to Mogatos, there are actually rules and directions that come with this award, such as: link back to the blogger who nominated you and post the award image on your page. Then there are these two:

Share 7 facts about yourself.

Let’s see – I can’t think of anything all that interesting that hasn’t already been said somewhere on this blog.  I have a kiddo who will be two in a little more than a month, I’m married to the world’s biggest Red Sox Fan, I am a teacher, I’m recently obsessed with Quicken, my cat is named after Freddy Mercury, I love my Subaru, and I’ll eat pretty much anything that is covered in melted cheese.

Nominate other blogs and inform them about it.

I read a lot of other women’s BRCA blogs,  I’m inspired by all of them, and I’m thankful to have them as a community of readers and writers.  They are all witty, they laugh in the face of grief and pain, and they’re all honest, open, and sharing their experiences in order to help others.

The list of these women is to the right.  I hope you’ll check them out, as well as the blogs listed on FORCE’s Community Blogs page.


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