I’ll Take the Physical Challenge

Over the last week, I’ve successfully accomplished several physical challenges.  Here is a bit of assessment of how each went after ten weeks of hiatus from these activities:

Picking up Toddler
Easy as pie.  I have absolutely no problem lifting him, swinging him around, carrying him along with a diaper bag and an armful of groceries, getting him in and out of the carseat, etc, etc.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten any lighter, but my arm muscles certainly have gotten weaker after ten weeks of nearly no use.  So, he’s heavy.  But I’m dealing.  It’s completely worth it!

This is not a daily activity for me.  But, every now and then, I forget something in my office, so I jog down the hall from my classroom to the office to grab it.  I did this on Tuesday.  It was an interesting sensation.  My breasts are still jiggly – they’re human flesh, after all, and mostly made of fat.  But they also feel like they’re sort of pinned to my chest wall at the top, sort of like a balloon hanging from a string or a pegboard.


This is not me nor my child – just an illustration of the balloon tied to a string.

So, even though they move around, they still feel attached at the top, perhaps about 2-3 inches below my clavicle.  When I jogged down the hall, I felt a slight jiggle (nothing nearly like I felt with my previous breasts, which I would have been holding down across my chest while running in a non-sports bra), but mostly I just felt the pulling of that spot where the flap is probably sewn in to hold my breast upright and prevent too much sagging.

Again, easy as pie.  I know my husband and mother are thrilled to death about that.

Yes, we did it.  I won’t say it wasn’t different.  While everything “down there” was great (no changes due to abdominal incision or flab removal), there are certainly changes “up top.”  Without getting into too much detail (out of respect for my husband), I will just say that I did feel self-conscious about my breasts.    In the past, my breasts were figuratively and literally a big part of our sex life.  But now, because they are nippleless and have those strange flat pseudo-areolas, I wasn’t sure I wanted them to be an active part of the process.  And, even though my husband has seen my new breasts multiple times, I just wasn’t ready for them to be a part of our intimacy.  So, I wore a camisole and we both just sort of ignored that area.  I think over time I’ll get braver about it, but for now this is how I need it to be, and he respects that.


One comment

  1. Thank you for your open minded approach. I have been where you are now with my late wife and my daughter is now going through the same stage with her husband. I wish you well for the future.

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