Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (graphic pics)

No, that’s not the Paula Abdul song. It’s just my life right now.

Steps forward – I’m at my office right now, and I’m wearing real clothes (not sweats)! I drove here (50+ miles) and now I’m sitting at my desk waiting to meet my students (I’ll be taking over the class after next week’s spring break). If I get through the hours of meetings and workshops I have today and then the drive home, I’ll have definitely made some forward steps.

Unfortunately, I stepped backwards a bit last night. My left breast has looked a bit strange since the first day after surgery. It has sort of a dented appearance in the pseudo-areola:
photo 5

You can see that while the right side has a smooth scar where the skin met perfectly, the left side sort of overlaps, so it looks like it’s dented. That dent is much better than it looked the first week, when it was really swollen. But it’s still not seamless like the other side. And, during my nightly inspection last night, I noticed a bit of guck on that “areola”; when I went to get it off, I noticed that what’s under that overlap of skin is actually an open incision:

Open Incision on Left Breast

Open Incision on Left Breast (photo is reversed – hand is actually on the left side of the pseudo-areola

It’s not really terrible looking in the picture. In person though, it looks really hollow and open in there. I don’t know how long it will take for that to close up. I stuffed it with Neosporin, hoping to quicken the healing process. This morning I didn’t actually have time to check it before heading to work. It does mean no more swimming – I can’t go into a pool knowing I have open wounds. I’m going to give it a week – if it doesn’t close up, then I’ll ask Dr. Gimbel if he needs to see it.



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