Sex after DIEP?

Not that I even want to have sex. I mean, I can’t really imagine that much activity, pressure, weight on my body, etc. But I did find myself wondering today – even if I wanted to, am I allowed to? I feel like I’ve bothered Dr. Gimbel enough for this week, so I googled the question instead. I came up with this great list of when one can resume activities after DIEP. “Intercourse” (chuckle chuckle) is listed at ten-twelve weeks.

Of course, this probably has more to do with how an individual is healing. This list says I should wait three more weeks before swimming (which my dr already approved) and nine more weeks before lifting over 25 pounds (my son is 26 pounds, and my dr said I can start lifting him in three more weeks).

I’m gonna go with this list for the sex thing though. My husband’s not rushing me or anything, but I definitely feel a little less guilty knowing there’s a publication that says we can’t even if we want to!



  1. Oh, my god. I could write books about this. I should start a blog that says,
    “DOCTOR Randy __________ is an a-hole.”

  2. Presumably by sex you mean the full act, in the traditional position. I can see why you did a bit of research. Why not view ‘sex’ as a range of activities that begins with simple kissing and cuddling on the sofa? If that is part of sex perhaps you’re already having some? My experience has been that sexual activity after the big op (which for me included muscle & skin grafts from my inner thighs, so big bikini line scars) has returned gradually, with a wider range of acts possible as my range of movement has improved. Of course, confidence levels have also played a bit part and when I’ve felt good physically, I’ve been much more in touch with that ‘life force’ that makes sex so much fun! And sex with a bra or tank top on can be very sexy!

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