Doctor Visit

Yesterday I called Dr. Gimbel’s office and he was able to see me this morning. When I checked the bandage over the blister last night, it was still gooey. Of course, when I woke up this morning, it was miraculously gone. I decided to go to the appointment anyway, since I’d read a lot about these sorts of things going away and then returning.

He looked at the place and agreed with his initial diagnosis – the yellow ooze was fat necrosis coming from an area caused by a spitting stitch. In fact, he noticed a second one near the first one (I thought I had too, but then I thought it might be an indentation from the bandage on the first one). While I had his attention, I asked him to look at the pucker spot on the bottom of my left breast. He said that it’s healed fine – I feel it because I still have sensation in that area, and I’d probably feel more of that stinging if I had sensation anywhere else along the incisions on my breasts. And, because everything is healed fine – I can go swimming! I unfroze my gym membership and will be hitting the pool tomorrow!

I’ve also realized that I have a crush on Dr. Gimbel. Maybe it’s because he really helped me. But more I think it’s because he’s just kind of cute. I’ve googled his address (he lives only blocks away from me), today at the office I tried to figure out which car might be his in the physician parking area (I’m guessing it was either the Audi or the BMW – the Mercedes seemed a bit old), and I giggled a lot during the appointment and felt too self-conscious to make eye contact. I probably sound psycho, but don’t worry; I’m not going knocking at his door any time soon. I didn’t even bother to brush my hair before I went to the appointment, and I wore my sweats. There’s something about him I just find to be fascinating.



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