Good News and Not So Good News

The not-so-good news really isn’t that terrible. The blister on my abdominal incision was still oozing this morning. I wrote to Dr Gimbel again just to let him know. Within an hour or so, he wrote back:

You probably have either small area of fat necrosis or a “spitting suture” – both very common and not big deals. Probably not infection if there’s no angry red skin, fevers, chills. For now you can just put a 4×4 on it once a day (twice if needed). Why don’t you call the office and arrange to come in this week for me to take a peek?

Fat necrosis and spitting suture both make me nervous, although less nervous than an infection would have made me. Both of these things could require small procedures involving digging things out of the wound. I really don’t want him to stick anything in there, even if I hardly have any feeling there. If it’s worse than that, it could require a bit of surgery to re-open and then fix the wound again, which could also result in a drain again. But I think that’s unlikely. I’ve looked at pictures of these things (again, I don’t recommend this) and mine is minor compared to what I’ve seen online. Mine also doesn’t seem much like a spitting stitch, which is commonly described as a pimple. Mine is more of an oozing blister, which seems more like the descriptions of fat necrosis or some kind of abscess.

I will call Dr Gimbel’s office tomorrow – he’s in surgery on Mondays, but hopefully I can get in to see him Tuesday. I have my six-week check up a week from Thursday (which will actually be more like 7.5 weeks – tomorrow is six weeks). I can also ask him about the puckering under my left breast that still stings. And I can have him check the opening on the right side of the abdominal incision that actually seems to have finally closed!

On to the good news. This morning we took our son to the zoo. It was warm out, and we had a great time wandering around the mile-long loop, up and down some rather large hills, and through the exhibits. We came home and had lunch and naps, and then we went out for a mile-long walk around our neighborhood. It was during that walk that I realized – I had no back pain! I hadn’t had any at the zoo, and I didn’t really start to notice my back until I began cooking dinner (that’s right – tonight I cooked dinner, from scratch, for my guys for the first time in six weeks). So, that’s some progress. It feels good to know I may have conquered this before I head back to work – I was a little worried about being in pain all day while trying to teach, attend meetings, and sit at my desk. Now I know that I’m building up more strength, and hopefully I will continue to get stronger from here!


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