Sweet Relief

Ahhhhhh. Hear that? It’s the sound of a woman wearing comfortable underwear over her bizarrely shaped drop-off stomach. No longer are my panties digging into my incision line. No longer are my pants biting my belly button. I am finally comfortable!

So, I said last week that I had ordered some Spanx. I tried three types of their high-waisted underwear, but I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them; one pair was too low so it kept rolling down below my drop-off, and the other two were so high they went up to my bra. I felt a bit suffocated. Not to mention, Spanx are quite expensive, so I was sort of looking for an excuse not to like them. I then ordered four types of Bali shaping high-waisted under from onehanesplace.com, a great place to get discount bras and such. They were somewhat less expensive, but they have yet to arrive.

In the meantime, I was at Target today, and I bought four other types of high-waisted underwear. I tried on the least expensive ones first, and wouldn’t you know… sweet relief. My tummy feels secure, nothing’s biting me, my incision feels protected. I didn’t even bother to try on the other ones – they’re all more than twice as much money and they’re going right back to the store.

I’m thrilled to now say I wear Hanes Light Control Tummy Panel Briefs, otherwise known as…. granny panties. No, they’re not sexy, but they feel awesome!


One comment

  1. I wore men’s underwear (briefs) when I was pregnant because everything hurt my belly button. The wide band felt SO MUCH BETTER! Glad you found some relief!

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