Pus (no pics, but gross description)

The other day, I was writing about the blister I have on my abdominal incision, and I wanted to say that at least there was no pus – I couldn’t figure out what the adjective form of that word was without first typing “pussy” and then immediately realizing that was incorrect. Pusy? Also seems wrong. Pusey? Whatever.

The point is, I officially have pus. The blister I had earlier in the week didn’t shrink at all over the past few days, despite my attempts to heal it with gauze and neosporin. This evening, while doing my nightly inspection, it burst. Clear liquid squirted out all over the make-up mirror I use to magnify things I inspect. Then, a thick, yellow, oily fluid began to ooze out. As I pressed on it, the blister kept filling and more pus continued to ooze out, every now and then with a bit of blood. After several minutes of pressing, filling, and oozing, it seemed sort of endless and I became bored and a bit nauseous. I cleaned the area with saline, wadded up some gauze and taped it on there. Then, of course, I immediately emailed Dr. Gimbel. I do suspect this is somewhat normal – someone on the FORCE board called hers a “suture abscess” and when I googled that, every page mentioned pus (apparently that’s what an abscess is – a pocket of pus). I anxiously await his reply.


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