Pucker Up (graphic pic)

Last night, I felt something in the crease underneath my left breast – a bit like a bite or a sting. When I went to look at it in the mirror, it looked just fine – no tear or opening in the incision. This is the incision that starts at my pseudo-areola and goes down to the bottom of my breast:

Breast Incision from areola area down to bottom of breast

Breast Incision from pseudo-areola area down to bottom of breast

This incision has looked like this for a while. Although it looks sort of raised, it really isn’t – it’s quite smooth. When I run my hand under my breast, I don’t even really feel the incision there.

If you look closely though, at the very bottom is a bit of a pucker, probably where the last or first stitch is. If I touch that spot, it stings as if it’s an open wound. When I met with Dr Nguyen a few months ago, he said this would be his biggest concern about reducing my breasts so much – that the incision would open at the bottom. Although Dr Gimbel did a different type of incision than Dr Ngyuen would have done (Dr Gimbel did what’s called a keyhole incision and Dr Nguyen would have done an anchor incision), Dr Nguyen’s warning has been in the back of my mind throughout this process.

This morning I still felt the burning in that tiny spot, so after my shower I put some neosporin on it and taped some gauze under there between my breast and my underwire bra. I then did many load of laundry (which required carrying baskets up and down two flights of steps) and in between sat at my desk writing. Later I walked up to my son’s school (only two blocks but up a large hill) where I volunteered for two hours. By the time I got home, the spot under my breast was really hurting. I took off the bra, looked in the mirror, and it hadn’t changed at all. So I reapplied neosporin, re-taped the gauze, and left my bra off for the rest of the day. I think I will not wear a bra tomorrow either to give that spot a little rest.

Because there’s nothing coming out of it, I’m not going to bother Dr Gimbel about it. But of course, one more open wound means I’m not headed to the pool any time soon. Little things like this remind me, too, that even though I’m becoming more active and headed closer to getting back to work, I’m still not fully healed, and anything can happen if I overdo it.



  1. I’m amazed by how hard it is not to. You’d think it would be easy to lay around all day and just ‘rest.’ It’s impossible!

  2. Believe me, I know. It’s why I called my doc three days after my surgery and said, “I’m GOING BACK TO WORK TOMORROW!”

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