More snip snipping

Last night after I wrote my blog entry, I decided to snip off that little stitch poking out of my right boob. It was too tempting to keep touching it – trying to push it back in, trying to pull it out. So I cut it off and put some neosporin over the area. This morning it looks less red and seems to have a bit of a scab, so that’s good.

I also kept reading about the blister and came across the term “seroma.” Do yourself a favor – do not look this up on Google Images. You will be haunted – trust me. For some reason, apparently there are a lot of animals who get these, and they turn into huge gaping gross wounds. You don’t want to see that when you’re worried about your own wound healing.

I did post on the FORCE boards about my blister, and did get a response from someone who had something similar. Because of her response, I will keep the area covered with neosporin and gauze, just to make sure it doesn’t explode all over me (with what is probably a quarter of a teaspoon of fluid, but still….).


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