Three Lessons Learned

Today, in the span of about four hours, I learned three very important things (and all three reveal that I’m somewhat of an idiot!).

(1) If you have soreness, take tylenol. Miraculously, it works. Why did I not think of this earlier? Who knows. It took a suggestion from my mom for me to remember that I have a medicine cabinet chock full of Tylenol, Alieve, and Advil. When I got ready for bed this evening, I removed my abdominal binder, bemoaned my sore tummy, took three tylenol, and got into bed. Within a half hour, soreness was gone. Who knew?

(2) Just don’t bother shaving the armpits. I did it this morning; I was able to get a close shave and got all of the random patches that remained from my last attempt. The problem – this evening, I’m itchy. And because I’m still sensitive under there, it hurts to scratch it.

(3) Pillows! I was looking online for a tooth pillow for my son when I came across a lumbar pillow. Duh. Why have I not tried a pillow at my desk chair? I ordered the lumbar pillow, but tomorrow I will try a regular pillow at my desk to see if this improves my back pain. I hope so!


One comment

  1. Haaahaaaa! I was really sick once during chemo. I thought, “Wow. This round is REALLY kicking my ass!” It got so bad that I went to the Dr. He said, “It’s not the chemo. You have the flu.” Meds made me feel sooo much better!

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