Freedom! (graphic pics)

Today is one month since my surgery! Really, I did not anticipate I’d feel this good. Yes, I’m still weaker than I was, need to rest in the afternoon, and can’t lift anything more than ten pounds (although I’m convinced I actually CAN do this, I’m not allowed to).

Because it’s a month after surgery, I’m allowed to stop wearing the abdominal binder. I really thought I’d celebrate this – it’s not so terrible to wear, but it is itchy, it moves around, the velcro bites my skin. However, I also found myself a little bit nervous about this. The abdominal binder strangely made me feel secure and protected. Also, the compression feels good around my whole belly bulge. I asked my FORCE cohort about this, and several of them agreed that it is somewhat hard to let go, on this thread (although, I can tell you right now, there’s no way I’m wearing Spanx unless I’m going to a wedding). I am concerned, however, that some of them did wear something (whether binder or spanx) for several months. I trust my doctor though, so I’ll go with his recommendation and see how it feels for a few days. This morning I did not put the binder on after my shower – I did some stuff around the house, drove, did a couple of errands, and really it feels fine (minus the itching and velcro biting!).

So a month out, obviously things look a lot different on my body. It’s easy to find loads of pictures of what breasts look like at this stage. So I thought I’d share some less common pics. Below are pictures of my belly-button, the left end of my abdominal scar completely closed up, and the small part of the incision that every now and then is still a bit gooey but also seems to be healing.

Belly button

Belly button

Abdominal Incision, completely sealed

Abdominal Incision, completely sealed

Tiny area of abdominal incision resistant to close

Tiny area of abdominal incision resistant to close

Considering this is what the incision looked like in the beginning, I think it’s a huge improvement!

Overall, I’m thrilled with the progress so far. I feel like each day I resume more of my pre-surgery life. It feels really good!


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