Getting Better All the Time

Today was another great day out and about. We walked a few blocks to the post office and then another to the library to take our son to story time. I was thrilled that I could sit on the floor and have him sit on my lap to enjoy the stories. After, we stopped for lunch, and I felt perfectly comfortable physically and energy-wise. When we got home, all three of us took naps (this is typical for our Saturday afternoon anyway!), and then we had dinner with my parents. Throughout the day, I felt really normal. I’m not crazy itchy anymore, and the binder actually makes me feel protected when wearing regular pants (with buttons and zippers that I’m worried could irritate my incision or belly button). In my pre-surgery life, I wore sweatpants and a hoodie any day I didn’t go to work. Since the surgery, I have worn that pretty much every day. I’m shocked to say that I have been excited to put on some other clothes. My pants do fit strangely (still fitting in the ass and thighs, but completely falling off around the waist), but that will probably be a work in progress too as swelling goes down in my abdomen.

I am a bit nervous in a large crowd – mostly I just fear that someone will bump into me and knock into my breasts. They’re not actively sore, but every now and then I feel twinges. By the end of the day, I have that “god I can’t wait to take off this bra” feeling, even if I’m not wearing a bra (although I do almost every day since the dr told me to). I often have a feeling like the ends of the underwire are poking me under my arms, even if I’m not wearing an underwire bra or bra at all – I think it’s probably just pulling and things continuing to settle in there.

But mostly, I’m just glad to interact with people out in the real world – three weeks probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can get depressing. I even ordered a drink at dinner tonight – I figured there’s no reason not to; I’m not on any pain medication any more. I do want to continue to watch my weight (and I realize that a margarita is not the best way to do that), but I think that while I’m still recovering and am sort of delicate emotionally, I also need to balance dieting with doing things I normally do (like ordering dessert!). I have lost some additional weight since the surgery, mostly because my appetite is just not what it used to be. So I’m still eating regular food, just in smaller portions (like, 3/4 of a cheeseburger!). Total, I am down 20 pounds since the surgery (of course, 16 came off in the surgery).

On Monday, I plan to start driving again. Dr Gimbel said I could when I felt up to it, and I do. I have three small errands to do all in one shopping center that’s only about ten miles from my house. It should be a manageable trip. It will also be nice to stop relying on my mother and husband to get all of our errands done. As long as I’m not doing any heavy lifting, I can certainly run out to get milk or get my son some socks.


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