A Short Post About Poop

Let’s talk about poop. When you’re on pain killers, most doctors will also prescribe stool softener, since one of the common side effects of pain killers is constipation. When you have DIEP surgery, you will be given stool softeners also because you are not really allowed to or able to… push. Basically, you need everything down there to be as easy as possible so it just sort of happens on its own – your abs can’t help you with this.

Instead, you need to drink lots of water, eat lots of fiber, and stay on the stool softeners even after you’re done with the pain killers, until you feel strong enough to… push (for me this happened today – 3.5 weeks out from surgery). My breast surgeon told me that protein helps healing, so to combine everything, I have been eating lots of chili – protein (beans and meat), water, and fiber. This seems to be keeping everything running smoothly. And that is my tip of the day. I bet you’ll thank me for it.


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