Simple Things

Today I had a simple plan: walk to the bank three short blocks from my house, walk back one block and rest for a bit at the coffee shop, walk back another block and stop at my mother’s office to rest, walk back the remaining block to my house, chill. I woke up and was very excited about this plan. My husband was less so – he’s very worried about me going outside alone (given our experience last weekend at Costco, I don’t really blame him, but it is time for me to be out and about). I was so looking forward to taking a real walk, getting outside, being out of the apartment, and depositing some checks (ok, the last part wasn’t really the highlight). Once my husband and son left the house, I showered, got dressed, and sat down at my desk to check some email. I also checked the weather where I learned the high for today was supposed to be 17 degrees with a windchill of 3. And thus my simple plan was thwarted.

There was no way I was going outside in 17 degree weather. Normally I would, yes, go out like that – I’d walk quickly to get my blood pumping. But I didn’t have the confidence I could do that just yet. Not to mention – whenever it gets below 69 degrees in my apartment, the first thing I notice is that my boobs are cold, so I was definitely not going to go outside into the arctic blast! So I read the rest of the weather prediction – same thing tomorrow, possibly a bit warmer on Friday – and I cried while realizing I am probably not leaving the house until March. Cue the violins.

So I did about four hours of work at my desk, which was good exercise for my back and I accomplished a lot. And I decided I would start trying to incorporate more of my daily chores back into my repertoire. My mom picked up my son at school, but I prepared our dinner and cleaned up after (I’m still not doing full on cooking, but I do a mean defrost). My husband bathed our son, but I came in and gave him his cold medicine and combed his hair (I would have read him his story too, but he was feeling very attached to dad this evening). I cleaned the litter box and gave the cat his medicine. I tidied the living room of toys and blankets. I made my son’s lunch for school tomorrow. These are all very little simple things, but I’m glad to do them myself instead of nagging my husband or watching while my mom does them. I realize that only a few days ago, I didn’t have the strength to stand in the kitchen long enough to pack my son’s lunch, let alone bend over and reach up high to get the things necessary to do so.

So simple things are good. If only I could start doing them out of the house…


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