Today was rather uneventful. I suppose there is a time of plateau where things don’t seem to really change much – nothing gets worse, but nothing gets better either. I did a real scrub-down in the shower this morning, since this was the first shower I’ve had with no tape. I managed to remove most of the sticky spots. Unfortunately, I did have to put some more tape on. When the doctor removed the tape yesterday, a tiny spot underneath my left breast began to bleed just a bit. After my shower, it was still bleeding a bit, so I taped some more gauze there. This evening, I took the gauze off – still bleeding, so I taped on more gauze. It’s such a small spot and such a tiny bit of blood – he didn’t seem worried about it so I’m not either.

After my shower, I also put hydrocortisone cream on all of my drain sites. They’re incredibly itchy as they heal. To my delight, this worked! They didn’t itch all day!

The pain in my abdomen has been better; it’s easier to get up and around. I still feel something there, but it’s not as sharp as it was before. I do suspect I might be getting sick. My son has been sick for a week, coughing and sneezing all over me; my husband came home sick from work early this afternoon. This afternoon I felt as if I had a fever and I really didn’t move off of the couch because I just felt to drained. Tomorrow though, I’m hoping to accompany my husband and son on our weekly Saturday errands – Costco, grocery store, etc. I need to do some more moving around (couch to bathroom and bathroom to bed is not really as much exercise as I probably should be getting) and I need to get out of the house a bit too. Usually we do all of our shopping and then go out to lunch. I don’t know if I’ll be up for all of that, but it would be nice to try.


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