Back to the Doctor

Today I went back to see Dr. Gimbel. I’m really glad I did. Not only did he confirm that the painful spot in my abdomen was not a hernia (his dx was just a strained muscle from not getting out of bed correctly), he also removed all of the smelly tape! So, other than the binder, I am completely bandage/tape free. That means tomorrow I can do a real scrub down in the shower. He said that now that the tape is gone, I should stop wearing the enormous surgical bra and start wearing a bra that fits appropriately. There’s still swelling, so I won’t be this size forever, but he wants me to have support from an underwire and a band/cup that are more snug.

When I got home, I decided to try on one of my regular bras. I wasn’t surprised that the band width fit, but I was surprised that the cup fit. I really thought these boobs were half the size of my previous ones. The thing is, what I really have is like a double boob at this point. I have this nice molded new breast, sitting on top of a lot of extra skin and fat that’s still there. It’s hard to explain, but I told my husband I wouldn’t post anymore pictures of my boobs so readers will just have to imagine. So, with all the fat (mostly it’s under my arms) that’s still there, the bra cup did fit for the most part. I’m wondering if this extra fat can be removed during Phase II surgery, if I do decide to have it. It’s a bit uncomfortable having this side-boob resting under my arms; that might be swelling though. I don’t know.

Toward the late afternoon, I realized that the pain in my abdomen was actually much better. Perhaps it was from Dr Gimbel pushing on that spot; maybe it sort of massaged the muscle. Regardless, I now know that I have to get out of bed the way they taught me in PT, on my side with my arms, not sitting up using my core.


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