More abdominal pain

My abdominal pain is still pretty bad – no worse than yesterday but no better either. As long as I stay still (in bed or on the couch), I’m fine, but it’s making it very hard for me to walk. The area under the incision is very hard, hurts to touch, and is bulging a bit. I called the doctor this morning. The nurse said if it got worse to go to the ER. She also scheduled me for an appt with Dr Gimbel tomorrow. I’m just hoping to god it’s not a hernia. A hernia can be a complication with this surgery, and if it requires me to go back into surgery, I might just die. I know that sounds dramatic, but just the thought of going back to the hospital is making me tear up.


One comment

  1. Oh, man. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that it all settles down for you. I will say a novena that you don’t have to go back to surgery.

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