Search Terms and More on Incision (graphic pic)

I had to post this list of search terms that are leading readers to my blog:

brca2+ blogs 3
flat saggy boobs 1
how much does dr gimbel make 1
ct/mri in the er room 1
upmc mammogram results comments 1

I find the second and third to be somewhat hilarious.

In other news, today I woke up again with gauze soaked through in that same spot on my hip incision. But otherwise, most of the incision really looks pretty healed.

2-inch area of hip-hip incision

2-inch area of hip-hip incision

This is a huge improvement over what it looked like last week.

Today I see Dr Ahrendt’s PA for my post-op visit. I’m sure it won’t be much of anything, since the plastic surgeon is really in charge of monitoring my progress at this point. I do have a few questions though. I’m still not entirely sure about breast surveillance. Am I still supposed to have mammograms or MRIs? I will also want her to look at this spot on the incision that’s leaking. Even though I trust Dr. Gimbel’s nurse, I would like someone to visually confirm that the spot isn’t actually open all the way through.



  1. Will be interested in what they say about surveillance. My doctor’s say none. I’ll still see oncologist once a year for exam but no MRI or mammogram.

  2. I only get a mammo on the one (real) side. Oncologist once a year. (But sometimes I forget.) Won’t it be great when you’re all healed up and not leaking? Don’t you want ET’s finger to just touch it and seal it up?

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