Incision Resolution and Arm Pain

So, while I waited for the nurse to call me back, I packed the incision with gauze. Once it soaked through, I just put another piece of gauze in there. After two or three pieces of gauze, the area seemed to dry out and it stayed that way the rest of the day. When the nurse finally did call (at around 1pm – not cool), she said that it was normal and I’d done the exact right thing. She said fluid is always better coming out than staying in, and as long as it’s clearish, then it’s fine. Packing it with gauze and keeping it clean is really the only solution. Phew. I’ve definitely read too many articles about incisions being open for months!

Meanwhile, for the last hour, I’ve had a lot of pain in my right arm. This is the arm in which I had the sentinel node biopsy. My cousin who had this done when she had her mastectomy said it was the worst part – her arm was in the most pain after the surgery from the biopsy and node removal. I hadn’t felt any pain until now, and in fact was starting to wonder if they’d even done the SNB. I thought there’d be an incision in my armpit, but there’s not. I guess they go up and under the skin. My bill shows it listed in the pathology, and Dr. Ahrendt told me that it came back clean, so I guess it was done.

Anyway, my suspicion is that I’m probably doing too much, even though it feels like I’m doing nothing. I spent a lot of time at my desk today, catching up on email and regular mail, working a bit on some small projects. My son was home sick all day, so even though my mom was around, I probably did pick him up too much. I have been trying to exercise my reach by pulling things down from the top of the refrigerator, like my cereal and extra k-cups — probably not the best idea. So I might have stained something in there. Good thing I still have Vicodin left – hopefully two of those and a good night’s sleep and I won’t even notice it tomorrow.



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