Weight Loss

Yesterday I weighed myself. I am down 16 pounds. That is shocking. I mean, they did remove my breasts, but I’m pretty sure they kept all of my stomach tissue to then use to mold the new breasts. So that means, essentially, that my breasts themselves were 16 pounds (it’s possible I also just lost a few pounds in the hospital from not eating much, so maybe the breasts were only 13 or 14 pounds). This gives me even more reason to be glad they’re gone. Not only am I much happier with the number on the scale, but I’m hoping my new smaller boobs will mean less back pain and an easier time buying shirts.

This weight loss also has me worried though. The last thing I want to do now is gain any weight, and I’ve always fluctuated back and forth with weight. But my appetite has mostly returned, and for some reason everyone who comes over to our house is bringing baked goods! My kid is running around yelling “coo coo” (cookie) all day because that’s pretty much what we’re all eating all the time! The breast surgeon said my appetite might be lower because my stomach is a bit constricted right now. I think it’s managed to stretch itself back into place though. I am being good at meals – I’m eating small meals because I’m afraid of the discomfort of feeling full against this enormous incision around my abdomen. But there’s those cookies. I’m also not exercising other than walking back and forth across the house a few times a day. It’s going to be a while before I’m allowed back in the swimming pool, which is my preferred method of exercise. I find walking to be extremely boring (not to mention it’s freezing outside), but I suppose I’ll have to start doing that if I’m going to be eating all these freakin’ pastries!


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  1. Oy, we are so hard on ourselves. If ever there was a time to not worry about things like weight, this is it. I made jokes about looking forward to losing weight while on chemo, but then I heard stories about women gaining weight on it. I said, “That will NOT HAPPEN to ME!” Of course, with prednizone, I ballooned. I gained about FIFTY POUNDS. Took me FOREVER to lose it, too. In fact, I didn’t really lose it until the hub left me. 😦

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