Emotions and Buttons

I should also mention that I have been extremely emotional since the surgery, and not a day has gone by that I haven’t had some sort of crying breakdown about something. In the hospital it was usually about a headache or nausea, at home it’s been various movies that have set it off and little things hubs does or doesn’t do. I’m not typically a person who cries a lot – I take a nice array of anti-depressants that tend to allow me to deal with emotions sometimes a little too rationally. Sometimes I think I should cry more, so I think this might be good for me. But I think people out there considering this surgery should be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster. I think it’s probably to be expected of anyone who (1) loses their breasts (2) has this much surgery and (3) is fairly helpless for an extended period of time.

Also, have I mentioned that my belly-button is sore? There are images online that show how they move your belly button during free tissue flap surgery. Basically, they cut out all the tissue below and around your navel, your belly button stays put, then they pull the skin above it down to your crotch, sew it up where they’ve removed all the tissue, cut a hole where your navel was, and there’s your belly button. So it hasn’t moved, but it’s now attached to different skin. It’s creepy. Mine has been hurting since yesterday.

I also think one of my drain sites is healing strangely. It is hard as a rock – it feels like I could squeeze it and something would come out, but I’m terrified and surprisingly too grossed out to do that. I’m just going to ignore it unless it turns a funny color. But this is why I continue to be anxious about not seeing the doctor for another six weeks. I do see the breast surgeon on Tuesday though, so hopefully she can let me know if it looks normal to her. Maybe she can inspect my belly button too.



  1. Don’t be afraid to call your Drs. My plastic surgeon was actually my go-to person to call. He once let me just come in and cry. Told me to call him at any time 24-7.

    1. I did actually email my plastic surgeon about the belly button and he replied on a Sunday night within an hour. He doesn’t strike me as the emotional type, but I do still have a therapist for that!

      1. It’s just nice to have professionals in your life that you can trust. Whether they are plumbers, mechanics, or doctors. I liked my whole “team.” My surgeon, my plastic surgeon, and my oncologist. It’s so important. I ALMOST went with the UCLA team because they are supposed to be “the best.” But I “fired them” at the last minute and went with what I called my local/home town team. They were just what I needed. I’m glad you have what you need!

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