Hopes for today (graphic pic)

Today my husband went back to work, so my mom came over this morning to spend the day with me. I probably could be alone at this point, but there are a few things I can’t do by myself – the first is shower, which she helped me with when she got here. We also need to rearrange some kitchen items so that I can reach things on my own. And I do still have a bit of a fear that I could fall – the back spasms are unpredictable – so it’s probably not a terrible idea to have some company for another few days. She’ll also be taking me to my first post-op visit this afternoon.

The shower was amazing. Although it is an arduous process getting ready for it and then getting dressed again afterwards, it is completely worth it. Every opening and wound feels better after a shower. I also have three abdominal binders that I’ve been switching up every few days. Now I’m back in the extra tight one from the hospital (since the other two are in the laundry) and it feels so much better. I guess it’s just holding the incision together better which makes it hurt much less.

This afternoon, I will be hoping Dr Gimbel will take out at least a couple of the drains. I will also be asking him about the pain I feel in this particular two-inch section of my hip-hip incision:

Hip-hip abdominal incision

Hip-hip abdominal incision

This thing looks nasty, but it looks like this across the span of it. It’s just that this one section stings/burns like a mother, and I’m not sure why.


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