Drains gone!

My appt went fabulously. He took out all the drains and says everything looks perfect! I feel great!

Next appt is in six weeks, which seems like a long time to me, but he says at this point we’re just waiting for the incision to heal and the swelling to go down.

I don’t have to walk hunched over anymore! I have to wear the binder for three more weeks, but that’s not even so annoying now that the drains are out.

Obviously I’m still not back to myself only 11 days later. My mom and I went to target to look for a second bra, and I had to rest twice on the way to intimates, mostly just because of back pain. I guess when you walk you’re using equal parts abs and back, so it’s really hard to only use your back. It’s better now than it was though, and each day I can go a bit further.



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