Skin (graphic pic)

One thing that happened as a result of being in the hospital in general, but is probably exacerbated by serious surgery, is that my skin has gone to complete shit. I think I’ve already mentioned how greasy I am, despite washing face and hair. It always looks dirty and feels slimy. It’s gotten better over the last day or so, so I’m hoping that’s on its way out.

I’m also bruised all over from the IVs and constant blood draws. I had two IVs in my left hand, and once a day my blood was drawn from my right. This is my left arm, over a week later:

Left arm

Left arm

This arm has looked horrendous since the time I woke up from the surgery. I don’t know what they did – they must have been trying to start an IV, and since I was asleep, they took a stabbing approach instead of really seeking out a vein. I do have very difficult veins to draw blood from. The whole time I was in the hospital, they had to call in a specialist from “the IV team” to come and draw my blood. Mostly they were able to get it from between my knuckles on my right hand, which is also still quite bruised.

There are also still betadine stains all over my arms and who knows where else. This stuff doesn’t seem to scrub off, although it is fading. You can see rectangles of clean skin where there was surgical tape before they painted on the betadine. It’s a mess.

My skin is also very sensitive to adhesive. There is still a lot of adhesive all over my skin – my arms, hands, legs, and chest. It also doesn’t seem to want to scrub off. Anywhere where the tape has come off, I have raw skin that burns. I have tape under both of my breasts right now; the doctor will possibly take that off tomorrow, and I’m slightly terrified about how much that might hurt and what my skin might look like afterwards.


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