New Boobs (graphic picture)

I wanted to post what my breasts look like now, a week after my surgery. I really searched and searched the internet for something that resembles their current state, but I couldn’t find anything. I think people going into this surgery want to know what’s in store, so here, I give you, my frankenboobs:



I’m sure I’m not the first person to refer to them as frankenboobs. The whole thing is rather Frankensteinish, if you think about it. It is the work of science fiction – I mean, all I need is some sort of chip in there and I could be some kind of robot monster thing.

But I digress. So here’s the deal with the breasts. They don’t look so hot right now, of course. They’re somewhat asymmetrical both in size and the way they hang, but I think that’s gotten much better over the last week, so I have hopes it will continue to improve and can be adjusted in the Phase II surgery I’ll probably have in December. Most of the purplish lines are actually marker from before the surgery (I still have the surgeon’s initials on my chest). The rest is a combination of stitching and glue. Underneath all that is tape that is supposed to stay there until I see the doctor on Thursday; it’s a bit itchy but otherwise not a problem.

It was a bit strange to look down and see these things the day after surgery. I suppose I expected to be wrapped up and bandaged, but no – they have been exposed since the get-go.

They are incredibly strange to touch. Mostly they’re numb, but it’s odd to know that the skin I feel in those middle circles is actually from my stomach. I can feel the peach-fuzz hair there like I had on my tummy (although I think that could just be threads of glue). In the last day, they’ve been seeping a little bit – my mom thinks it could be because I took a shower yesterday morning and loosened some of the guck that was on there. I ignore them entirely in the shower – I was told not to let the water hit them directly and scrubbing isn’t a good idea. I’m just supposed to leave them alone. But a few times I’ve stood up recently and felt a bit of a tearing sensation in my right breast – I can’t tell if it’s guck separating from the surgical bra, or if there is some separation in the actual stitching. Nothing looks wrong, so I’m just sort of ignoring it for now. The pain I have is (very manageable) in my abdominal hip-to-hip incision, which is more worrying just because of it’s sheer size.

I think the breasts still going to be a bit saggy, but much less so than my previous ones. And I suppose on my generally saggy body, that will look much more natural. But I’m thrilled with the size. I can tell already just by how I look in my pajamas that they will be much less of a focal point on my body and won’t completely take over my entire top half. (of course, now I might have to start doing make-up and hair if people might notice more of me than just boobs!).


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