Post-op day Five

So it’s been five days since my surgery. I’m definitely feeling better now that I’m not in the hospital. I’m sort of dreading going to sleep since last night I awoke at 2:30 and never fell back to sleep. But, still, it was better than the hospital.

At 6:30 this morning, I was able to go up the stairs to the main floor of my parents ranch house (I’m staying in the basement guest room, which was my bedroom as a child). I realized I would be unable to reach anything in the kitchen, and so I woke up my parents so they could make me some breakfast. It is wonderful being here – they really just want to do anything they can to make me feel better. While my husband is loving and generous and also wants to help me feel better, I know he’s busy now taking care of our son, and there’s no way he could attend to me the way my parents are. I will probably stay here until Tuesday or so and then gauge whether it’s a good idea to go home.

I did see my son today, finally! Of course, at 20-months old, he was excited to see his toy box and didn’t really pay much attention to me when my husband brought him over. Nonetheless, I got to see him, which I think tremendously helped improve my mood. Although it’s hard to see him and not get down on the ground with him, play with him, pick him up, or have him sit on my lap.

Today a visiting nurse came as well. She cleaned the drains, took vital signs, and just got some basic info. My insurance provides for a small handful of these visits, which are somewhat reassuring. I do have a huge incision and stomach tissue sewn to my chest, so it’s nice to have a professional take a look every now and then. My first follow-up doctors appt isn’t until Thursday.

I really felt my breasts for the first time today. What surprised me most is how warm they are. The doctors commented on this repeatedly – it was something they saw as a good sign. So even though it’s really weird, I’m trying not to pay it too much attention.

I’m definitely still feeling some after-effects of all the drugs I was hooked up to at the hospital. For one, my skin and hair are completely greased over. It’s disgusting. I will shower again tomorrow, but even despite yesterday’s shower, I was completely greasy within hours. I’m also anxious about being on aspirin for the three or four months the surgeon wants me to stay on it. That just seems like a long time to me and there are so many warnings about taking aspirin.

I’m having some pain at the incision site in my stomach, and some where the abdominal drains are, but overall, it’s manageable. Walking is still a challenge and I guess it will continue to be for at least another week or so.


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