Surgery Prep Day 3

Today seemed busy even though I didn’t do all that much. I did about a hundred loads of laundry, just trying to make sure everything is as clean as possible before I head to the hospital. I spent the morning at three different stores looking for pajamas – I was rewarded for my persistence though. I hit the PJ Jackpot at Macy’s – I got three $60 pajama sets for $7 each! Amazing. I’m glad because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on these if I’m not sure how long I’ll be wearing them anyway, or if they might get ruined in the hospital.

I started packing my hospital bag. So far, I have the pajamas, the robe, underwear, toiletry bag (I just took this from my gym bag, already packed and ready to go!), some comfy chenille socks, resource binder, and my purple file folder of documents. I think the only things that need to go in there now are my laptop, phone charger, and meds (even though they’ll give me my meds there, I like to have my own – it was much easier when I was in the hospital after my c-section because they didn’t always remember to bring me my anti-depressant). My mom is getting me some new slippers – yay!

I also spent some time tying some lose ends at work. Thank god my department has wonderful secretaries who are so helpful – they are really accommodating me in so many ways.

At around 12:30, my son’s school called. He wasn’t feeling well, so I picked him up and brought him home. He fell right asleep in his crib, so I thought I’d take the time to try some of the relaxation guided imagery recommended by my therapist. I think it was helpful in preparing me a bit for what to expect – it helps you to simultaneously visualize yourself in a happy place (I think of myself at a lake like the one my husband and I liked to go to in Vermont) and in the surgery room. So you are sort of in your happy place while you watch yourself in the hospital room. Of course, I had some trouble concentrating – my mind wandered to other things I could be doing or just other thoughts in general. But I will definitely do it again every day until Monday, and then I will also listen to it in the pre-op area.

In the afternoon, the hospital called to do some pre-registration. Once again, they ask questions like weight, height, and medications I take – even though it was clear she had a list of this right in front of her. I guess they just have to confirm all of this over and over to make sure they don’t miss anything. But it’s annoying.

Also, I went onto the HealthTrak system, where now all of my cancer-related information is listed – the biopsy results, mammogram findings, MRI results, etc. Even though I don’t know what most of it says, it’s interesting to look at it. Of course, I just end up scaring myself by googling the terms and finding out stuff I don’t want to know.


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