Post Biopsy Day 2

I am really surprised by how little pain I’m in – none, in fact.  Last  night I slept fine.  This morning I took the main bandage off (the steri-strip star remains until it falls off on its own).

Steri-strip Star

Steri-strip Star

I took a shower.  I was a bit nervous about getting it wet.  The water did sting for about a second.  But then I just showered as normal, dried off, got dressed, and that’s it.  Very easy.

This morning, I went back to the FORCE message boards and saw that there were many responses to my question: “I’m planning to have a PBM and DIEP reconstruction in May, so I’m about to begin interviewing surgeons. Everyone keeps saying I need to ask how many times he/she has done the surgery. But I’m curious – how many times is enough? Obviously, twice isn’t the answer I’d want. But is 25 times enough? Or should it be in the hundreds? Or more? Thanks for any advice.”

I got a lot of great responses, so I thought I’d post them here so that others who are interviewing plastic surgeons have some ideas of what to ask.  You can click on this link below to read the conversation:

FORCE Message Board • View topic – How experienced is your plastic surgeon


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