Debrief from Dr. Nguyen

Now that I’ve had a few hours to think about things after talking to Dr. Nguyen, I think I can more easily summarize my options as he sees them:

1) Mastectomy now, tissue reconstruction after healing (maybe a year later).

2) Mastectomy now, implant reconstruction now.

3) Mastectomy now, tissue reconstruction now (with risk of lots more surgery later).

He prefers option 1, and I would take his advice.  If he doesn’t think option 3 is a good idea, then I don’t want him to do it.  I will meet the other plastic surgeons though and see what they say.  Many people on the FORCE message boards say that one plastic surgeon told them something wasn’t possible, but then another doctor said it would be fine.  Who knows?

This afternoon I also called to make a CT scan appointment.  This way they can tell if my abdomen tissue is even usable for a tissue flap reconstruction.  If it’s not, then some of this is probably moot.  So I may as well find out now.

Next week, I see another breast surgeon, another plastic surgeon, have a breast MRI, and have the abdominal CT.  I already need a nap.


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