Post biopsy day

I figured I would be in a lot of pain this morning.  But I’m not!  I’m not in pain at all.  I even slept decently.  Every time I rolled over on my right side, I woke up, but I think it was more fear than pain.  I iced this morning but I only did that to try to keep the bruising to a minimum.  I took a nice walk, went to the grocery store, and carried groceries home – no problem.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll take the bandages off and shower.  It should be all healed in a few days.

This morning I called to make my MRI appt.  I swear I have some appt related to this whole thing almost every day this month.  I guess that’s how it works.  I should be thankful I’m not working until the end of January, although my to-do list is just getting longer as I spend more time reading BRCA blogs and message boards and less time doing my actual work.


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