Too much information….

I wonder if I need to give the FORCE message board reading a rest.

I just read this on one of boards regarding breast microcalfications and how to know if they’re likely to be cancerous:

There will be a BIRADS number on the radiologist’s report that ranges between 1 and 5. This number tells how suspicious the radiologist things that the finding is with 1 being most likely to be benign and 5 being most likely to be malignant.

So I looked at my report.  It says:

ACR BI-RADS Category:
2: (Breast Imaging Left) Benign finding
4: (Breast Imaging Right) Suspicious finding
Follow-up within 4 weeks with right stereotactic breast biopsy.
4 Suspicious findings

4 is pretty close to 5, huh.  Another message board contributor says this:

The BIRAD number was a 4 but the nurse practitioner at my onc’s office said that requesting the biopsies automatically rated it that. Apparently, the radiologist noted in a few places that she felt it was “low suspicion”, which is similar to what she said to me.

Johns Hopkins says:

4: This score means that the findings on your mammogram are suspicious and that there is an approximately 20 percent to 35 percent chance that a breast cancer is present. To make a diagnosis, the doctors will need to perform a biopsy to get a small tissue sample.

So, now I’m so freaked out.   Mine doesn’t say “low suspicion” – it just says “Suspicious” (so it may as well just say EXTREMELY EXTRA VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS!).  And 20-35 percent is big!!

This is why sometimes it’s good to just stay the frack off the internet.


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