C-Section and DIEP concerns

I had a c-section in June 2011.  Several months later, I noticed pain in my abdomen and a sort of hollow area (like a tear) separating the left and right side of my flab/muscles/tissue below my navel.  My doctor said this was normal after a c-section and that I’d have to strengthen the muscles to heal the tear by doing crunches.  Well, if you know me, then you know I never did this.  So, I still have the numbness from the severed nerves along with the soreness of this mangled muscle.

Why does this matter?  I want to have DIEP flap surgery, which means they take the tissue from the lower abdomen and mold it into breasts.  If that tissue isn’t viable for whatever reason, then they take the tissue from another area (like buttocks or thighs), or they do implants.  I really do not want implants.  And I really do want a tummy tuck!  But I’m concerned that my lower abdomen tissue is not going to be an option.  Actually, I’d really love if they could take the flab from my upper arms and use that – there’s more than enough.

I’ve been reading obsessively on the FORCE message boards, trying to find some info on this, but I’ve only found this one forum on breastcancer.org and this study (which is less than promising).  I will ask the breast surgeon tomorrow morning when I see her, but I suspect she’ll say I’d have to talk to a plastic surgeon to get that sort of info.  I want to decide on a breast surgeon, find out which plastic surgeon she/he prefers to work with, and then decide on the plastic surgeon.  So it could be a while before I get this question answered.


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